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Great event with auction:
13th and 14th of september 2019!

We will host a very special event on the 13th and 14th of September: guided tours of our breeding farm, presentation of our breading stallions, horse/foal/mare selling, show, BBQ with Flamenco ….and an AUCTION!!!!!!
In collaboration with Volker Raulf, Thoms Lehmann and the famous auction house Mennraths from Germany!
The MUST in terms of horse event that you should not miss!!


You are all warmly invited to join. During these two amazing days, we will show you our entire breeding farm, drive over the fields, so that you can ultimately get insights on how our horses are growing and living.
And we will show you through short demonstrations how we work cautiously with our horses.
The 4 years old horses have now been brought back from their huge fields where they grew up since the beginning of their life and we have started working with them. These natural conditions gave them physical and mental robustness and will ensure an optimal start in their long career as riding horse. 
Many of these raw diamonds will only be offered once at an auction. To enlarge the range of offering, we will also propose young mares, mares with foals as well as ridden horses. Here in this video you can see all of our horses of the auction. A catalogue with all details as pdf is available as well!

To reach us: the closest airport is Madrid. It will then take you approx. 1 hour 30 mins to reach our breeding farm with your rental car. We can offer to direct you to close overnight stays. And If you don't want to have to worry about the organization of this trip, we have created an entire travel offer from Germany with arrival, transfer, hotel, etc…please note that the places are limited.
More information as well as registration to the event – even if you don’t plan to let your trip be organized by us - can be found under or

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to these two unforgettable days.

Video of the candidates:

We are on the road!!!


This week, we are going to introduce you Each of the horses that we carry at Equitana.

Today we want you to present Vingador and Bogavante. You can see them in the boxes of Equitana from 16 to 24 March in Essen (Germany)

Vingador, stallion, and Bogavante, stallion in the future.


Refrigered semen available.

Exemplary very elegant, beautiful blue eyes, is that your coat stand with Isabela. It has very good quality in both Jumping and Dressage as remarkable functionality.

In the stud we have excellent foals of Vingador getting the main qualities of their father, in morphology and taking the first steps in dressage. For example: Capote, Diana, Distinguida, Galo and Gallo.

GALLO, son of Vingador
GALLO, son of Vingador



This horse has already demonstrated its extraordinary quality in several competitions. At the European Championships of Iberian Horse in Turin (Italy) where he finished in second place in the category of 5 years old of Dressage. On 2012 at the International Championship of Lusitanos in Segovia (Spain) where he obtained the first position in Dressage, foals 6 years old.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


The most important Horse Fair in the world have a stand of Yeguada La Perla in the next edition from 16 to 24 March in Essen (Germany).


Everything you can imagine in the horse world, you can find it there.

We will share with you the experience ... and if you go, please visit us in Hall 10


EQUITANA Niederlassung der
Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH
Völklinger Str 4
D - 40219 Düsseldorf

January, 21st 2013

New ideas

Candidates for the Stud Future Stallions 


From birth we see our foals, we have seen their character, their behavior, their movements, their functionality ... when we look at all that beauty convinces us and after much thought, we select the horses that will be future Stud Stallions.

  We bet on horses of different layers, black, sorrel, chestnut and albino. All of them have born in 2009 and its origins are exceptional. We´ll show their foals....

We´ll present their nominations at the next valuation, cross your fingers to get good ratings.

Their names .....

ERMITAÑO, son of Ortega x Novilheiro and Zita, granddaughter of Mercury.

EBANO, son of Nobel Violino do Retiro x Veneza do Retiro and Veiga sources. This horse has already goes to competition and won third place in section 3 years Modelo y Andamentos at the International Championship of Lusitanos, held in 2012.

ESPARTACO,  Xinfrim x Lobito son, grandson and Xibata Nile, granddaughter of Opus-72

EMBRUJO, son Safio x Fandango and Samarra x Ladino.


January, 14th 2013

New ideas

Youtube Channel Details in 2012


A new year has begun. It's time to look back and see results. On our Youtube channel, during 2012, we managed to see us more than 572,000 times. 

We want to thank you all for adding to this counter some of those times.

From Spain, of course we see, but we must also acknowledge the visits to the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chile .... that in that order, are the ones you see.

Please continue to visit us this year, it is a pleasure for us you living there!


January,7th, 2013

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New ideas

Happy New Year !!!

January, 2013

Happy Christmas !!!

December, 2012